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Hi!  I am Amber, the baker and visionary for the Blue Badger Bake Shoppe.  I love cooking and I really, REALLY love it!! I cook and bake every single day, so this at home bakery is an extension of my passion and I cannot wait to share my passion with you!  Let me help make your ideas of custom cookies a reality!



The Blue Badger Bake Shoppe is a licensed cottage food producer located in Sartell,  Minnesota.  We make all of our products in our home kitchen and we are not regulated or inspected by the State of Minnesota.  While we may not be a commercial kitchen or bakery, we take all food safe precautions necessary to provide quality and safe products.    

Due to cooking out of our home kitchen, our products may have exposure or cross contamination with allergens such as peanuts, fish, shellfish, and soy.  It is also noted our products contain wheat, gluten and eggs.

The Blue Badger Bake Shoppe has a unique name, but deep meaning.  The bakery is an extension of me, so I picked the most important parts to highlight in the name.  The blue part of the Blue Badger symbolizes my boys.  They are my first customers and give unfiltered reviews of all the products we offer.  All the cookies are kid approved; they wouldn't have it any other way! The Badger piece comes from our Wisconsin roots.  My husband grew up in central Wisconsin and I attended college in River Falls, it's where we met, so the Badger state is near and dear to us.  While Blue Badger Bake Shoppe is a unique name, it's who we are and we are proud to offer our products to you. 

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