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Frequently Asked Questions

*How do I order?

Custom Cookies: Click on the "Custom Cookies" button on the top of this page, complete the form, and submit. Provide as much detail as you can to help us create your cookies including a theme, colors, number of cookies, date of event, etc.  A request DOES NOT mean your custom cookies are entered on the order calendar. The bakery will be in touch with you following your request, to finalize your custom cookie order and confirm availability.

Other products: Check out the "Cookies", "Muffins", or "Breads" tabs for online purchasing.  Seasonal themed offerings will be available in the "Specials" tab

*How do I get my order?

All orders are available for pickup at Blue Badger Bake Shoppe in Sartell.  Once an order is placed, we will reach out to confirm final pickup date and time.

*How long before I can pick up my order?

Custom Cookies: A 3 week notice is preferred for custom decorated cookies, but depending on how busy the head Badger is, quicker orders may be able to be processed.  The best bet is to fill out the "Custom Cookies" form and we will contact you to discuss options!

Other Products: Items available in the online store (Breads, Muffins, Cookies) are typically available for pickup in 2 days.  

*How can I pay?

Blue Badger Bake Shoppe is able to take payment via cash, Venmo, or credit card.

*Can I get custom cookies with trademarked images?

At this time, Blue Badger Bake Shoppe does not hold license(s) to reproduce any material that is copyrighted. This means no direct copy of popular tv shows or recreating work that is someone else's. Blue Badger cookies can be inspired by the themes you request and together we will create your perfect cookies. Don't let this deter you, instead let's great creative.

*How are my products packaged?

Custom cookies are individually heat sealed for freshness and packed into a food safe box.  Drop cookies and muffins are packaged in the same box as the custom cookies, but are not individually wrapped.  Bread comes in a food safe bag.

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